Forty-four years ago,at the age of nineteen,  Ken Napier built his store in the historic Village of Milner, a farming community in the Langley municipality.

Forty-four years in the same location means you have seen more than 4 decades of change in business and in personal life.  The highs and lows in business have helped him weather out the storms and has also allowed him to enjoy the thrill of his job.

As a young boy he would race home after school and ride his bike to Cloverdale in Surrey to volunteer in a second hand store.  The seeds were planted in this young man and they grew into the dream of him opening his own store one day.

In past years Ken would load up 4 kids, a cat, a dog, and his wife Nancy, and head for the Kootenays and fill his truck and trailer with finds for his clientele in the Langley and Greater Vancouver area. The Okanagan was a must for Ken as it was rich in prairie antiques!  By the way, the unsuspecting children and animals thought they were going on holidays, not a hunting trip for antiques. Meanwhile, Ken had hand-picked professional "pickers" from B.C. and the Canadian Prairies with arms reaching to the east coast of Canada.

In the late 90's and into the 2000's, Ken and Nancy were importing containers from England on a regular basis putting wardrobes in almost every household, so it seemed. Ken had his children and many of their friends as well as his nephews cataloguing and unloading containers.  The joys of young workers who can only work if they have PIZZA.  But then the gluten affect would kick in and everyone got sleepy.

This brings us to his vast knowledge and deep desire to help his clientele acquire vintage antiques of every sort, whether Prairie antiques, European, Country, Primitives, Industrial, Collectibles , Rustic, and Memorabilia of every kind.

On Ken's furniture “sale” tags, Ken will point out a defect so no one is surprised.  He expects to be treated fairly, so he does the same to others.

Ken is "dealer' friendly and is in good relations with many of Vancouver's and lower mainland's dealers. Ken's first "dealer" sale when he was 19 was to Bill Carneghie of Red Barn antiques in Cloverdale.  They continued their buying and selling from each other until Bill passed away at which point Ken lost a true friend.

Memorabilia, Collectibles and Furniture are everywhere, on walls, hanging from the ceilings, in cabinets and out in the "Bits 'n Bobs Yard". Ken says, “We cover all types to ‘WOW’ you!

 It is said that you have to do what you love and everything will fit into place.  Ken has truly done this and his family and friends are witness to it.