What's UP!?


There is always something fun happening at Napier's Antiques!

HOLLYWOOD is always knocking at our door! For years Napier's Antiques has proudly sold and rented props to various Film and TV productions which continues today.

In the winter of 2012, the cast of Canadian Pickers came down to visit Ken at Napier’s, to hunt in the store and trailers for great pickings.  The haggling started and when it was done they drove off with many treasures including an 8 foot weather-vane on the roof of their van.  Catch the episode in season 2, Episode, “Win Some Lose Some”.





Wedding bliss at Napier's when Ken's and Nancy's daughter & son-in-law had their wedding pictures done at the store . (Melody Davis Photography)


Milner Chapel, in the historic village of Milner was dedicated on May 23, 1886 as the Langley Prairie Methodist Church. It was moved from it's resting place on the corner of 216th & Glover in 2006 and placed at 6716 216th directly across from Napier's Country Antiques.